Updated 1.2.2023

Arttu & Lulu


History of the breed, Dobermann being a war, service and military dog, not to forget the original purpose of the breed as a personal protector and guard dog, defines my way to breed Dobermanns. The goal is to maintain and improve the obtained mentality and working skills in our dogs. One of the main goals is also to maintain the physical appearance of the breed as middle sized, structually suitable dog for work. Dobermann should be able to obtain its tasks effortless, physically and mentally, in all areas.

Breed health

The biggest challenge in Dobermann breeding today is the presence of Dobermann DCM reported prevalence being 58,2% in the European population. Prevalence in the United States and Canada ranges between 43% to 63% (Calvert & all. 1997, Hazlett & all. 1983, O'Grady & all. 1998, Calvert & Meurs 2000).
Recent study (Wess & all. 2019) shows autoimmune mechanisms are also playing a role in Dobermann DCM and Dobermann suffers also from other autoimmune diseases such as Dobermann hepatitis, arthritis and autoimmune thyroiditis.
Disease related mutations, such as PDK4 and Titin gene (TTN), have spread widely in the population and lack of genetic diversity (US Davis Dobermann diversity), fixed hereditary diseases, Dobermann is in desperate need for new genes outside its own genepool. To
survive, the whole Dobermann community should pay their focus on the matter, for the future of the Dobermann.

Seventeen years has passed since my first Dobermann Lulu. For the possible future...

...every litter is a piece of a larger picture and lays foundation to the following generations. I hope to be
objective towards my own and produced dogs and to be able to learn something new every day
from a breed called Dobermann.

The biggest favor a breeder can contribute to the well being of the breed is to know your breed, throughout. To start, or to continue your journey in the world of Dobermanns, various articles and scientific studies are gathered to the Articles section. Enjoy!


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