25.12.2016 Genetic Diversity Testing for Dobermanns is now available. More information and results

27.11.2016 Results and summary of lumbosacral transitional vertebra,
spondylosis and vertebra anomaly prevalence in examined Finnish
dobermanns between 2013-2015 added to links page, under articles. Dobermann Selkälausunnot 2013-2015

16.4.2016 Future plans updated

14.4.2016 Dobermann genetest project in Germany is now looking for additional samples of DCM affected

dogs. Sample shipping instructions can be found on the site. http://www.dobimann.de/eng/news.html

14.4.2016 Spooky Woods Black Pepper Ultra C, ECG normal

- On 7.4 we visited kardiologist Outi Niemelä in Oulu. Unfortunately the news were not that good. Normally, in DCM, the left ventricle is enlarged compared to the right ventricle/atriums. In Rinas case the heart is symmetric and larger as such. Small back-flow in the mitral valve. EF under normal. Due to the findings, heart size and EF, we were advised to run some blood work. This and future control will give the final answer fo DCM. At the momentRina has no symptoms. Rina, as well as Nortti and Speedy, is also part of the Dobermann DCM genetest-project in Germany.

All this left us heart broken and I want to thank Päivi for participating the study.