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18.11.2019 SW Black Pepper "Rina" - wild type for Chromosome 5 mutation

15.9.2019 Article, Doberman pinchers present autimmunity associated with functional autoantibodies: A model to study the autoimmune background of human dilated cardiomyopathy, added to the links page. Summary in Finnish, Dobermannien dilatoiva kardiomyopatia - autoimmuniteetistä uusi pala kokonaisuuteen, also available

26.7.2019 Speedy, Jotunheim's Pandora, celebrates her 11th Birthday!

18.5.2019 Dobermann DCM-page updated and available again

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8.5.2019 Mr Nortti, Jotunheim's Thor, celebrates his 9th Birthday! Many, many years to come to this dear gentleman <3

21.3.2019 Dobermann Genetest-Project in TiHo Hannover: Chromosome 5 results related to Dobermann DCM in the european population

Spooky Woods Black Maori - wild type
Jotunheim's Thor - wild type
Jotunheim's Pandora - wild type

Interpretation of results:
This is not a normal Genetic test, but rather a risk factor assessment. Dobermans with both mutant and carrier genotypes are at a statistically higher risk to develop DCM. Dobermans with the wild type genotype are at a low risk.

15.2.2019 Rina, Maori & Balto celebrates their 7th Birthday!!!