27.12.2021 Bernal Villeda, "Erna", had her x-rays done with following results:

Lumbosacral transitional vertebra, LTV1 (divided median crest (s1-s2) or other mildly abnormal structure)
Spondylosis, SP1 (grade 1, mild)
Vertebral anomaly, VA2 (evident, number of anomalies: 3)


Bernal Villeda "Erna" celebrated her Birthday Holter on - Holter 24h, normal


Erna already 2 years old - Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!

©Eini Meri


In remembrance of

Jotunheim's Thor "Nortti"


My deepest condolences to Nortti's family and Thank you for all the wonderful memories over the years ❤

2.10.2021 International Dog Show Vantaa
Judge: kerem Kristin

Erna, disqualifed due to missing incisive

13.8.2021 Alejandro and Ramses (sire to Erna & Rokka) IGP2 with great points, A95 B89 C94. Well done and Congratulations to Mexico⭐️⭐️⭐️


I have often wondered what happens after death. Today Speedy taught me, that after death a butterfly flies into your heart. It'll come a part of you and it'll go with you always and forever.

My Dearest, Best Friend in the World

❤ Jotunheim's Pandora "Speedy" ❤

26.7.2008-15.5.2021 cancer


Erna (Bernal Villeda) - CFA5 wildtype (0 copies)
Erna is now tested negative for all known DCM related genetic markers

©Mirja Toivonen


ZTP, BH, AD Nortti, Jotunheim's Thor, celebrates his

������ 11th ������ Birthday!!!

27.3.2021 Update on Spooky Woods Balto

- DCM1 1 copy (VGL)
- DCM2 0 copies (VGL)
- Diversity tested thru US Davis VGL. Baltos results will be available on BetterBred shotly and his report is also uploaded to Photo Album - US Davis genetic diversity test results


Balto & Maori, Rina in Heaven, celebrate their
9th Birthday!!!

Best Wishes to Germany and Denmark⭐️

Rina has been in our thoughts on this special day and she'll never be forgotten ❤️