Updated 14.3.2024

Rocca (Villeda) "Rokka"

DOB. 3.3.2021
Breeder: Abraham Alejandro Villeda Vega, Mexico
Owner: Kennel Spooky Woods
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*Not available for breeding*

Rokka carries 2 copies of DCM2 (TTN).
50% of Dobermanns with one or two copy of DCM2 will develope DCM.
Inheritance mode for DCM2 is Autosomal Dominant.

"For autosomal dominant disorders, dogs with one or two copies of the disease variant are at risk of developing the condition. Inheriting two copies of the risk variant may take the risk higher or the condition more severe. They may produce puppies affected with the disorder if bred."

Learn more about Dobermann DCM and DCM2


Full dentition, correct bite

Normal testicles

DCM1 (PDK4): clear (0 copies)

DCM2 (TTN): 2 copies

DCM3 (PRKAA2): 1 copy

DCM4 (RNF207): clear (0 copies)

vWD: 1 copy (carrier)

DINGS1 & 2: clear

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