27.10.2015 Unfortunately mother nature decided otherwice and we didn't get any puppies this time.

27.8.2015 Speedy has been mated succesfully with Claus
21.7.2015 Site translated into english
10.6.2015 Jotunheim's Pandora, echo + ECG A (normal)
27.5.2015 Unfortunately we had to cancel the litter plans between SW Black Pepper and Pirat v Warringhof. Hopefully we will have a chance to try again in the future

8.5.2015 Update on litter plans: SW Black Pepper - CAH normal and Finnish Dobermann Club North-Savo TOKO-dog 2014! Pirat v Warringhof - vWD free and CAH normal.26.4.2015 Rina ( SW Black Pepper ) Finnish character test +142

Litter plans

...and more plans !

28.3.2015 Spooky Woods Black Pepper, Holter 24h - A, clear at the time of testing
26.3.2015 Jotunheim's Pandora, Holter 24h - A, clear at the time of testing
21.2.2015 Spooky Woods Black Pepper: Lumbosacral transitional vertebra 0 (normal), Spondylosis 0 (free), Vertebral anomaly 0 (normal)
16.2.2015 Spooky Woods Black Pepper HD A
30.1.2015 Jotunheim's Thor, Holter 24h, A, clear at the time of testing