Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024!

30.12.2023 Bernal Villeda "Erna" also got her MyDogDNA results and with one copy of DCM3 and DCM4 with 0 copies. Full panel and results can be seen on Erna's page.

27.12.2023 Nereidin Bombus Borealis "Bosse" got his MyDogDNA results with one copy of DCM3 & 4. Full panel and results can be seen on Bosse's page.

30.11.2023 Rokka (Rocca Villeda) DCM4 0 copies

Bosse's Embark results available in Bosse's personal page and US Davis results available in BetterBred.

5.10.2023 Update: Dobermann DCM & Articles - Dobermann DCM

24.8.2023 Boris & Bosse now have their very own pages! BB-litter Photo Album updated

6.8.2023 The boys' journey in new homes has begun. We wish much happiness and joy to both families!

23.7.2023 Christening day of the boys was spent in a beautiful, sunny weather in Lieto: Nereidin Bombus Borealis & Nereidin Boloria Polaris

31.7.2023 Update: BB-litter page & photo album

27.6.2023 BB-litter page up & running

18.6.2023 Birth of the Nereidin BB-litter. This day left us heart broken with 7 new stars in the sky, yet very grateful for the survival of Erna and two boys

12.5.2023 Pregnancy confirmed, puppies expected mid-June!!

More information - Future Plans

19.3.2023 Photo Album of Rokka updated

5.3.2023 Spooky Woods Balto Longevity Certified with LC-5896M12-11L

More on DPCA Longevity Program

3.3.2023 Rocca Villeda 2 Years!!! Happy Birthday to the whole litter <3

17.2.2023 Future Plans, Personal Page and Photo Album (Echo + Holter results) of Erna updated

15.2.2023 Balto 11 years!!! Happy Birthday to Balto and big Thanks to family Esters taking such a good care of Balto <3

10.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Cah/alat normal

9.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Holter 24h normal

8.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Echo + 5min ECG normal