19.3.2023 Photo Album of Rokka updated

5.3.2023 Spooky Woods Balto Longevity Certified with LC-5896M12-11L

More on DPCA Longevity Program

3.3.2023 Rocca Villeda 2 Years!!! Happy Birthday to the whole litter <3

17.2.2023 Future Plans, Personal Page and Photo Album (Echo + Holter results) of Erna updated

15.2.2023 Balto 11 years!!! Happy Birthday to Balto and big Thanks to family Esters taking such a good care of Balto <3

10.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Cah/alat normal

9.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Holter 24h normal

8.2.2023 Erna, Bernal Villeda, Echo + 5min ECG normal