Updated 8.2.2024

Nereidin Bombus Borealis "Bosse"

DOB 18.6.2023

Kennel Nereidin, Eini Meri
Kennel Spooky Woods, Saija Tuomainen
Kennel Way Out West, Vilma Suit

Owner: Hanne Karppinen
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Participant for the following research project:

-Embark/Doberman Diversity Project
- US Davis Genetic Diversity Testing for Doberman Pinchers, results available in BetterBred


DCM1 (PDK4): clear (0 copies)

DCM2 (TTN): clear (0 copies)

DCM3 (PRKAA2): 1 copy

DCM4 (RNF207): 1 copy

vWD: carrier (by parentage)

DVDobs, DINGS: clear

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): clear

GPT (alt activity): 1 copy

Ehlers Danlos: clear

Narcolepsy: clear

Unilateral Deafness and Vestibular Syndrome: clear

Dilution: DD

Brown Locus: Bb

Genetic COI 32%

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