22.12.2017 Year 2017 is soon coming to an end and Rinas return back to the breeder has been one of the best events for this year. What a humble, adaptable and above all - a true working dobermann with high drives and unscrupolous working ethic this girl has. Mama-Speedy has gained few gray hairs in to her face this year but keeps still surprising everyone with her endless love, energy and intelligence. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the Holidays, and with these words we wish you a

Peaceful and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018! May the next year bring you happiness and joy!

New articles added to the links page, Doberman Hepatitis: Role of Immunological and Genetic Mechanisms and European Society of Veterinary Cardiology screening guidelines for cardiomyopathy in Doberman Pincher

New album added to the Photo Album for US Davis genetic diversity test results. Test results available for Speedy, Nortti & Rina.

More information on the project https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/dog/GeneticDi...

23.6.2017 New DCM geneproject for Dobermanns in Finland!

University of Helsinki has launched a study on dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in doberman together with domestic and foreign partners. The project investigates the clinical and hereditary features of the disease and aims to find DCM related risk gene (s). Responsible for the study is the research team by Hannes Lohi together with cardiologist Maria

To collect more extensive Finnish research material, in the fall of 2017, about 20-30 of the 8-11-year-old dog will be invited to cardiac research. Research is free. Those interested in the research can announce their dog as a candidate
by email at jalostus@sdy.fi.

In addition, blood samples are needed for all diseased and over eight years of healthy heart-tested
dogs. According to the blood sample, a sample form and a cardiac statement should be attached.

Participate in our research https://www.koirangeenit.fi/english/participate/

13.6.2017 Rina, Spooky Woods Black Pepper - Echo + 5min ECG A, no signs of DCM today Cardiologist Seppo Lamberg, Evidensia Lahti. Thyroid also normal.

2.6.2017 LINKS-page updated with various articles

1.5.2017 Baltos photo album updated

27.4.2017 Great news from Denmark - Spooky Woods Black Kulso aka Mauri, Holter 24H with A result (3 vpc's)
Congrats to Denmark again this month

23.4.2017 Rina (Spooky Woods Black Pepper) has returned back to the breeder and will delight our life from now on.

6.4.2017 Spooky Woods Black Kulso HD-A from DKK (Danish Kennel Club). Congratulations to very special Mauri and owners Bitten & Lars in Kennel Jotunheim!!!

7.2.2017 Nortti (Jotunheim's Thor) had a tumor removal from his lef flank and has recovered well. Pathology report says the tumor is benign and is originated from the nerve sheats.

24.1.2017 Speedy (Jotunheim's Pandora) participated the VGL US Davis Genetic Diversity project and her results are added to her photoalbum

19.1.2017 Speedys left hind leg started trembling and she was diagnosed with beginning arthritis in her left hind leg knee. Slowly after the accute phase she has recovered almost back to normal and is now spending well earned pension with a little less activities to keep her quality of life as good as possible. She's on multiple natural supplements for
arthritis and is clearly benefiting from those.

2.1.2017 Update on Speedy (Jotunheim's Pandora): At the end of the year 2016 Speedy had an tumor operation (6 small lumps was removed). Extensive bloodwork and x-rays of her back was done at the same. All her blood values were great, including thyroid values, and the x-rays showed her spine is in very good conditon for her age (8,5). X-rays are added on her photo album.