Updated 23.7.2021

AD, BH Jotunheim's Pandora "Speedy"

Koiranet / Working-dog-eu
26.7.2008-15.5.2021 cancer
DPCA LC-4572F08-12D
Breeder: Kennel Jotunheim
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PHTVL/PHPV 0 (clear for all known eye diseases)

vWD: Carrier (Finnzymes)

Spine: Normal 16.12.2009 vet. Jari Aho

Dilute: DD

DCM1 (PDK4): Positive Heterozygous

Chromosome 5 mutation: wild type

14.10.2011 Holter 24h + Echo + 5 min. ECG, A (normal at the time of testing)
Troponin I HS (BC Access) 0.01 ng/mL (reference range <= 0.07)
- Cardiologist Maria Wiberg, UOH

14.10.2011 Thyroid (+antibodies): Normal

22.11.2013 Echo + 5 min. ECG, A. Holter 24h, B.
At the time of testing abnormal bloodwork, control in 3 months
- Cardiologist Maria Wiberg, Helsinki veterinary teaching hospital

21.3.2014 Echo + 5 min. ECG, A. Holter 24h, B.
Bloodwork normal with thyroid. Troponiini 0.03 ng/mL (reference range <= 0.07)

- Cardiologist Maria Wiberg, UOH

26.3.2015 Holter 24h - A (normal at the time of testing),
Alba Medical Systems, inc.

10.6.2015 Echo + 5 min. ECG A, (normal at the time of testing)
Cardiologist Anu Kaistinen

2.1.2017 Bloodwork, inc. thyroid, normal

19.1.2017 Beginning arthritis diagnosed in left hind leg knee

Missing teeth


Working results

BH-test Valkeakoski
Judge: Jarno Rantanen

AD-test Hyvinkää
Judgei: Vesa-Pekka Hirvioja

TOKO ALO1, 180p. KP (sij.4/16)
TOKO-trial Pieksämäki
Judge: Markku Mäntynen

FH (PaEJ1), 43p.
FH-trial Jämsä, Judge: Tita Poikonen


Finnish character test

22.4.2011 Maaninka
Judges: Lea Kilpeläinen, Jorma Kerkkä
Points: +112

Capacity to function +1 moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1
low without post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action +3
moderate, controlled
Desire to fight +2
Nerves +1
tendency to nervousness
Temperament -1a
disturbingly high
Hardness +1
tendency to softness
Accessibility +3
kind, accessibile, open
Reaction to shots ++ unfamiliar to shots


29.5.2011 Varkaus
Judge: Michael Leonard
Open class Very Good

Lovely temperament and very well behaved. Very feminine but unfortunately to me just a little too small. I'd like stronger neck and better bone, allso missing a tooth. Hold the ears little too low. Moves well behind, steps a little high on front.