Updated 2.5.2020

BH Spooky Woods Black Pepper "Rina"

15.2.2012-27.4.2020 Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic SLE
Owner: Saija Tuomainen
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vWD: Carrier (Finnzymes)

PHTVL/PHPV: 0 (Clear for all known eye diseases)


Lumbosacral transitional vertebra: LTV0 (normal)
Spondylosis: SP 0 (free)
Vertebra anomaly: VA 0 (normal)

Chromoseme 5 mutation: wild type

28.3.2015 Holter 24h, A
-Alba Medical Systems, inc.-Vet. Carl D. Sammarco BVSc, MRCVS, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology), CV

7.4.2016 Echo C, ECG normal
-Cardiologist Outi Niemelä, Evidensia Oulu

7.6.2017 Thyroid normal

13.6.2017 Echo + 5 min. ECG A

-Cardiologist Seppo Lamberg, Evidensia Lahti

2.10.2018 Echo normal
-Cardiologist Seppo Lamberg, Evidensia Lahti

Full dentition, correct bite


22.9.2018 BH passed
Judge: Vesa Häkkinen
Handler: Breeder


1.7.2014 TOKO ALO2, 159p.
TOKO-trial, Iisalmi
Judge: Erkki Shemeikka
Handler: Päivi Lyytinen

26.8.2014 TOKO ALO1, 173p.
TOKO-trial, Iisalmi
Judge: Erkki Shemeikka
Handler: Päivi Lyytinen

Finnish character test

26.4.2015 Iisalmi
Judges: Jorma Kerkkä & Reijo Hynynen
Points: +142

Capacity to function +1a moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1a low without post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action +3 moderate, controlled
Desire to fight +2a moderate
Nerves +1b tendency to nervousness
Temperament +1 Extremely High
Hardness +1 tendency to softness
Accessibility +3 kind, accessibile, open
Reaction to shots ++ unfamiliar to shots



12.1.2013 Kajaani
Judge: Rob Douma
Junior class G

11 months. A bitch of correct hight and almost square buid. I'd like to see more development in body, more strenght in head. Head is long with a flat skull, but needs stronger mussle. Dark eyed, bit round. Right ear carriage could be better. Has good neck. Level top line. Tailset could be higher. Acceptable hindangulations. Needs more angulation in front and needs more depth of chest. Super cat feet! She moves correct accordings to her angulation, but she needs strenght allover. Needs clearer tanmarkings. Still needs a lot of time.

3.8.2013 Iisalmi KV
Judge: Benny Blid Von Schedvin, Sweden
Junior class VG3

Fortfarande ganska tunn som helhet. Feminin huvud. Saknar stop. Bra hals o rygg. Behöver mer förbröst. Tunn i fronten. Tillr. vinkl. bak. Bra steg. Bra färger.